The physical realm of living beings and the world of birth, death and decay, equivalent to our own inhabited world.


We are a Community driven Project which was started by our mysterious and anonymous Developer Mancoshi.He gave us a safe and secure Token, untaxed and listed on MEXC on the fifth Day – which is no small feat. The Connections to Ryoshi and Shiba Inu are real and proven on the blockchain, as he was one of the first 50 Buyers and came to Ryoshis help when he needed him. The deployer of the largest decentralized Gamefi,Metaverse and NFT investment Ecosystem Vempire DAO bought early in this project. He guides us through his Mediums and Tweets. As the community grew we discovered more Connections to the Incan Mythology – for more Information join our Discord. Will he ever reveal himself? Who knows – it’s up to US to fulfill his Vision and bring about the TARYPAY PACHA. A Time of transformation and Union on the earth where we need to grow our spirituality,community and love.


Contract: 0x2dd1b9410c73e16b60240e529e38e30425f00d4e

Tax: 0/0

Token Name

Kay Pacha







Total Supply



How to buy

Download TrustWallet or MetaMask

Simply visit and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the DeFI market. Proceed registering new account and remember to never share your seed/recovery phrase!

Fund your Wallet

Purchase ETH to fund your wallet. ETH can be purchased on Exchanges(for example Binance) or directly from your wallet.

Connect to UniSwap

In Metamask go to browser and paste link below to visit UniSwap. #/swap?chain=mainnet Click Connect at the top right corner to connect your wallet.

Swap Kaypacha

Click ‘select a currency’ & enter the contract address below and start swapping coin. Contract address: 0x2dd1b9410c73e16b60240e529e38e30425f00d4e


We are an active Community that loves our mission and Incan Mythology. Our Telegram and Discord is filled with community members 24/7 that would love to help you. Come join the Pacha Pack!

“Rise up to the challenge and rally behind Kay Pacha. Construct our narrative and disseminate it. Bring about Tarypay Pacha. The world is not fair. But I have given you a chance. What will you do with it?” -Mancoshi

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